VA Loans

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No Down Payment:

  • VA loans often allow eligible veterans and active-duty service members to purchase a home with no down payment. This can be a significant advantage compared to conventional loans that typically require a substantial down payment.

Competitive Interest Rates:

  • VA loans typically offer competitive interest rates, which can result in lower monthly mortgage payments. This benefit helps make homeownership more affordable for veterans and service members.

Limited Closing Costs:

  • VA loans come with limitations on the closing costs that veterans can be charged. This can reduce the upfront expenses associated with buying a home, making it more accessible for those who qualify.

Flexible Credit Requirements:

  • While the VA does not set a minimum credit score requirement, lenders may have their own standards. However, VA loans often have more flexible credit requirements compared to conventional loans, making it easier for some veterans with less-than-perfect credit to qualify.

No Private Mortgage Insurance:

  • Unlike many conventional loans, VA loans do not require private mortgage insurance (PMI). This can result in additional savings for borrowers, as they won't have to pay a monthly PMI premium, further contributing to the affordability of homeownership.


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"Noel and Darcy were so responsive and helpful. Both kind, clear communicators, and motivated to help make the process of home buying as low-stress as possible."

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